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- Ta et slag om gangen (Stay in the present)

Bob Rotella, Sportspsykolog



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Ukens tips uke 16:

Ukens tips er hentet fra Golfonline.com og handler om å bruke hodet på golfbanen.

I know any number of club pros who could take four shots off the score of an 18-handicap player and never touch their swings. They tell me -- and I believe it, too -- that all you need to do is put the right club in their hands (like a 3-wood) off the tee. It's also important to know when to chip out from the trees, when to lay up short of the green or a hazard on a par-four hole, and when to pitch to the fat part of the green.

It's all about course management, and many high handicappers fail to see themselves honestly. Many of them think they can pull off shots that are not in their repertoire. And, it seems that .ego gets in the way of good sense in .many cases.

But if you play it a little safer around the course, you just might find your scores creeping down into the 80s on a regular basis."

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