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UKENS TIPS (Uke 30/13):

Rytme og balanse

Rytme og balanse henger nøye sammen. Dette er i korthet hva som er skrevet om dette i et tips hentet fra Golf Channel

Here are a few tips to help you get in rhythm and maintain balance in your golf game:

• Manage your tempo.
If your tempo is too fast or slow, keeping rhythm and balance gets very tricky. I use a metronome to help my students get a feel for the proper tempo in a swing. Tempo will vary player to player, but as a guide try setting the metronome somewhere between 70 and 80 beats per minute. Begin with small swings like a putting or chipping stroke to match the feel of your swing to the beat.

• Hold your finish.
This is one of the first things I’ll teach a beginning golfer when working on the full swing, but yet I see several experienced golfers forget the simple detail. If you can hold your finish at the end of the swing for at least three seconds, chances are you did something right to get there. And always remember that the smaller swings like putting and chipping require you to hold your finish as well!

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