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Her er et intervju med Laura Davies om Solheim Cup gjennomført av Martin Park. Hun ser ikke bort fra at hun spiller foursome eller bestball med Suzann Pettersen. Når Laura Davies snakker om fourball er det det samme som det vi på norsk i alle år har kalt fourball bestball eller bestball i muntlig tale i motsetning til haigh and low hvor begge ballene teller.


What do you think your role will be next week?

Laura Davies: Obviously, I have been in all of them as has Alfie, everyone is going to be nervous, especially some of the younger players and I feel that it is my duty to help try and make them more relaxed, gee them up a bit. It's going to be nerve wracking for all of us and if you have been there before, it can only help. At least if you have been there before, you can pass on a bit of knowledge.

Now the Solheim Cup has significant standing in golf, what will it be like standing on the first tee, will there be plenty of butterflies in the stomach?

Oh, no doubt about it, the difference is, players who have been there before will know what to expect, but with the rookies, it might hit them a bit harder. However, some of these new style players might just get up there and treat it like a normal days golf, but having been there and done that, it certainly not like that, I am sure they will feel the atmosphere. 

Are you happy with your current form?

I've been playing well over the last few weeks, apart from the British Open, I have been in the top ten in the last six events, including a win. It's just been one round every tournament. I've played catch up at a couple of events after having a bad start or a bad last round.

What does the Solheim Cup mean to Laura Davies?

I love it, there is no other way to describe it. I love playing in it, I love playing the Americans and beating them, not because I don't like the Americans, it's because they are the best team and I don't think anyone can disagree with that. It's fun to try and beat them as a team, it's a tough nut to crack trying to beat Juli Inkster's and Dottie Peppers as they are so competitive.

Can you describe the strengths and weaknesses of the teams?

It's difficult to highlight all the strengths as both teams have a lot of talent in each individual player. But the potential weaknesses of both sides are similar as there are a lot of rookies. But they are a different breed nowadays and they could turn out to be the strength.

Do you think Europe have the upper hand in team spirit?

Until the Catrin controversy, I would have agreed with that. We always have a strong unit when it comes to Solheim Cup, but those comments from Catrin has given the USA something to feed on and has brought what used to be 12 individuals into more of a team with a common goal. Traditionally, the USA has never been as strong as the Europeans with team spirit, but that is the difference of the two Tours. Over in Europe, I turn up a lot earlier before a round just to sit around and have a laugh with my mates. Whereas in America they tend to turn up, practice, play their round, do more practice and go home. In Europe when you come off the 18th, we tend to know each other a lot more as we spend a bit of time socialising after golf. We like to have a beer and chat after the round and talk about anything, just have a good social atmosphere, but over here the Americans don't tend to do that as much. That's perhaps why we have always had the edge on team spirit.

Will there be another motivational video in the team room?

I hope so, it was so nice before when we got the messages from some of the guys and it got everyone going. We've played videos of our first Solheim victory to get really up for it. Some of our new girls might not know what it's all about, they might be a bit blasé about it, but when they see some of those scenes, fist pumping and seeing putts going in, like at Dalmahoy and Loch Lomond, they'll know what it means and they'll be itching to get out on the course.

Are you going to be one of those pumping fists this year?

(Laughs out loud) Yeah, I'll be up for it in a big way! Who do you think you might be paired with? I think it's going to be a bit different this year, whereas before I've usually played with another Brit. But it's going to be different now and I might be paired with a Spaniard, a Norwegian or a Swede this time. They are the ones I expect to be paired with and I'm good mates with all of them. I don't know Karine or Raquel very much, but I know Paula pretty well now and also Suzann, so I reckon that might be in Dale's mind for foursomes or fourballs. I imagine on Monday everyone will be asking the Captain who they might be paired with and there will be some interesting ones I'm sure of that. Given the choice, it's only natural that I play with Paula, Suzann, Sophie or Mimi Hjorth as I reckon you can mix and match all of us in foursomes or fourballs. There are a lot of birdies there in both foursomes and fourballs and a lot of power. In foursomes, people might say you need to be straight and pars will win holes, but I see it a bit differently. I mean, if I put Sophie in the middle of the jungle, Sophie had been there before and she could get out of it, and if we both click, jeez, there could be a few birdies in there! I've heard that Mimi is playing with Annika, possibly in the fourballs and that could be an awesome pairing. Mimi is electric when she gets going and Annika tends to make a couple of birdies every now and then!

Do you think Dale will ask you to chaperone some of the quieter players perhaps during the first two days?

I really don't know what Dale has in mind, but if she asks me to play with Karine or Raquel, then I'll happily play with them as they are quality golfers. I've never missed a series of matches once, so it will be interesting to see what Dale has in mind for me.

Do you think we have a slight advantage with our rookies being an unknown quantity?

Not really, the American girls aren't frightened of anyone and if someone they don't recognize turns up on the tee, it might give them a bit of confidence. But I don't think it helps and I don't think it hinders either.

What is your most endearing moment from Solheim Cups past?

It's got to be the win at Dalmahoy in 1992 - it was an absolutely absurd result and we had no right to win that event. We had the weakest team by quite some way and with what Meg Mallon said, she was right, she said that only Lotte Neumann and myself would improve the American team and on paper, she was right - but we don't play on paper do we?

Going in as defending champions, Dale has not gone over the top with the pre event publicity, but she did say recently that she is coming over with pure talent, would you agree? 

Definitely, I think for the first time ever, we have the stronger of the two teams, certainly ball striking wise and it's yet to be seen if that can translate into points on the board. But there is some excellent talent in Europe now and all of our younger players have proved themselves beyond doubt. We don't have a weak link in the team and we have never been able to say that before. Karine and Raquel have proved themselves over the last two years and I think Paula is going to be one of the stars of next week and Suzann is going to be brilliant too. If it clicks then it's going to be awesome. But if we don't play well, we won't win and you know that the Americans are going to play well. But I think if we play our best and they play their best, then we have the better team. But with pressure and everything thrown into the mix, sometimes it's hard to play your best.

How important is the USA's home advantage?

It's massive for them, but I think if it were in Europe this year, I would have us as clear favourites as our team is very strong. But because it's in America, the US has a little advantage mainly because our younger girls don't have the experience of playing in America all the time. It's not necessarily the partisan galleries, as I understand that there will be a lot of Swedes and Scots who live around Minnesota. I think the style of golf course should suit us too, it's a shot makers course and with the variety of course we play in Europe, our young girls have proven that they are top ten golfers each week so that should be no problem for them to adapt quickly.

Finally, if you can remember earlier on in the year when I asked you who you would like to play in the singles, you said that you would "like to give Dottie a good dusting." But now she is not here, who would be your ideal opponent come next Sunday?

Yes, that was fun, but to be honest, saying that about Dottie was in jest, I really admire her golf so much and while we don't get along personally I think she is a wonderful player and that would have been a mouth watering match to try and put the record straight for Europe. That would have been the ultimate. It's difficult to say who I would like to play now, I mean anyone on Sunday, it's going to be a big match. But I'll tell you who I wouldn't really want to meet and that's Juli Inkster. She's America's most dynamic player now and also a good friend of mine, so I would find it hard to get the killer instinct going. The same applies with Meg Mallon, but I am sure when it comes down to it, we would both feel an obligation to get the point, so it would be a fun match played in a friendly spirit - and I hope they are all played like that.

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