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Golfsiden overbringer et brev vi nylig mottok. Ideen bak det hele er å hindre at Tiger Woods til det kjedsommelige stikker av med alle de store pokalene. Her er brevet:

TO: Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews

From: Golf Fan

SUBJECT: 132nd Open Championship

Dear Sirs:

As I am sure you are well aware, Mr. Eldrick (Tiger) Woods just won the U.S. Open Championship on the Black Course at Bethpage State Park. He shot 3-under 277 to claim his eighth major championship -- and the first two legs of the Grand Slam -- on a very difficult course, the longest in the short history (compared to yours) of our national championship.

In addition to length, Bethpage Black also had the narrowest fairways in recent Open history, very nasty rough and the fastest greens most of these players had ever seen. Inclement weather also made the rough play thicker and caused the course to play hundreds of yards longer than its advertised 7,214 yards. Yet the rain never slowed the greens, a logic-defying formula you may want to borrow from the USGA. 

The players were saying the set-up and conditions were perhaps the most demanding they had seen. So it came as no surprise that Mr. Woods won > decisively, by three strokes over Phil Mickelson. As we have found repeatedly, a difficult set-up only assures a victory for Mr. Woods, often by huge margins.

Frankly, I am tired of effectively giving Mr. Woods major championships after the second round. That's going to keep happening unless golf's governing bodies change the way they set up courses for the majors. 

The so-called "Tiger-proofing" of major championship sites so far have involved making the course more difficult. Clearly, that strategy has been a bust. So let's do the opposite.

To that end, I have several suggestions for next month's Open Championship at Muirfield.

Here they are, in no particular order:

· Widen the fairways and mow the rough. Because of his strength, Mr. Woods  has the ability to control the ball from the rough and hit greens, whereas the rest of the field has trouble making solid contact or spinning the ball.

- Let's give everybody clean lies, no matter where they hit it. 

· Shorten the course. A longer course only accentuates Mr. Woods'  strengths. Let's negate his advantage and create some competition by shortening the course. I'm thinking about 6,300 yards, so everybody is hitting wedges into greens.

· Eliminate atmospheric variables. In college, Woods used to practice during inclement weather, which gave him the mental toughness to handle wind, rain or any other natural condition better than anyone else. Since weather regularly plays a bigger role in the British Open, oops, Open Championship, than any other major, how about constructing a dome over the course? It would have to be very large, so start building now. Or, how about moving that Millennium Dome in London up north? If you're worried about cost, I'm sure the other players in the field would be willing to chip in.

I think that should do it for now. If I think of any others, I will not hesitate in letting you know. In the meantime, I respectfully await your reply.

Golf fan

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